How Thoughts and Emotions Influence Our Health.

Harness the power of your thoughts to transform your health! Sounds too good to be true? It isn't, according to Keith Parker, an innovative energy healer, who appeared as a guest on the Personal Development Mastery podcast. 

Parker explained how our experiences, memories, emotions, and beliefs are all sculpted in our energy field. These factors, he argues, have profound repercussions on our physical health. He presents a theoretical model that contradicts the traditional Western medical model and sheds light on phenomena like the placebo effect, where thoughts significantly influence our physical well-being.

Keith then dove deeper into the fundamentals of energy healing and how it can alleviate physical symptoms. He emphasizes the role that psycho-emotional stress plays in hindering the body's natural healing abilities. Resolving this tension, he suggests, can significantly boost health and vitality.

One particularly compelling example that he provided was of a person struggling with anger and liver disease. This vivid example illustrates the deep intertwining of our emotional state and physical health. The person in question managed to alleviate their liver problems by addressing and releasing their pent-up anger. 

This case study showcases Parker's central theory: our physical body's ability to heal itself is inhibited by psycho-emotional stress, which is contained as a structure in our energy field. For instance, recurring anger creates a blockage in the energy field, particularly around the liver, which in turn inhibits the liver's function. Resolving this emotional blockage allows the liver (and by extension, the body) to resume its natural regenerative process.

The connection between the body and the energy field is so integral that it gave rise to what Parker refers to as a 'field first model'. This model suggests that our thoughts precede our actions in physical reality. In other words, our thoughts, which exist in our energy field, are the driving force behind our actions.

This theoretical model might stand in opposition to traditional Western medicine, but it provides a unique mechanism to understand why something as simple as the placebo effect exists. Parker believes that our thoughts or beliefs affect how our physical body functions, a concept that is often overlooked in mainstream healthcare.

While Parker's perspective might seem groundbreaking, it's essential to remember that this is a theoretical model. However, the concept that our thoughts are things, and that resolving held emotions can lead to greater physical health and vitality, certainly provides food for thought.

If you are curious about the impact of thoughts and emotions on health and want to delve deeper into energy healing, listen to the full conversation in episode 265 of the Personal Development Mastery podcast. The episode is bound to provide insightful moments and potentially transform the way you perceive your health.