About Me


My name is Agi Keramidas,

... and I grew up in Greece, my home country. When I was about to finish school, I found myself needing to make a β€˜career’ decision on what to do with my future. My 17-year young heart was whispering to me β€œGo to drama school and become an actor!”. However, the β€˜normal’ or β€˜expected’ thing to do in my country’s culture at that time, was to follow one of your parent’s professions, especially if they were doing well in life.

So instead of acting, I went to university and studied dentistry, following my mum’s profession. β€œWhy risk an uncertain future?!”, they said. Dentistry seemed to be a respectable, profitable, predictable profession, so becoming a dentist appeared to be the chosen path for me, at that time. I was 17.

While I was in dental school, I became best friends with a person that completely shaped the course of my life. He was studying dentistry like me, and we had so many things in common – we enjoyed this amazing friendship.

Towards the end of our university years, my friend Alexander discovered a very strong calling inside of him, a calling to pursue spirituality. He eventually dropped out of dental school and he started travelling the world. He became a shaman, and he was teaching and healing, learning and spreading the spiritual messages to the people.

Through his influence, I made many realisations about myself, about the mind, about how I think and behave; about how most people think and behave. My change was subtle in the beginning, since those realisations were rather radical to be expressed in the conservative society I was living in. But the spark had started a fire inside me: Realising my potential, listening to my instinct whispering to me, feeling there is a higher purpose in my life that I had to pursue and fulfil.

During these years of self-realisation, I started working in my hometown in Greece as a dentist, and did so for 7 years; I had a life that on the outside seemed to be admirable, however inside me I was feeling that I was destined for something different than the life that I was living there. That feeling I had inside was causing me a great deal of discontent and unhappiness.

Eventually after long deliberation, I reached a decision that changed my life forever: In 2010, I left my home country, my job, friends, family, fiancΓ©e, and came on my own to the UK to pursue a dream that I have had since I was a teenager. I didn’t know what the dream was – all I knew was that there was something calling me to the UK. I can say now, without a shred of doubt, that it was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.

Living, working, and being on my own in a different country has changed me very much as a person. I became increasingly interested in personal development, which has become my passion. My core value in life has always been to grow, to evolve, to reach my potential.

In 2017 I had a β€œlightbulb” moment when I attended Tony Robbins’ event, and my life trajectory changed since. I am in a lifelong journey of learning and pursuing personal growth and fulfilment. My podcasts β€œPersonal Development Essentials” and β€œPersonal Development Mastery” are results of this relentless passion.

In 2019, I became a certified knowledge broker, completing β€œThe Knowledge Broker Blueprint” program. Through this I can facilitate growth in others, while constantly growing myself. I set up the company β€œGrowth Mindset Mastermind Ltd” as a result of this new career path.

I relish keeping healthy, running, reading, evolving as a person, travelling and podcasting! I am a firm believer in the power of self-education, personal development, and lifelong learning.

β€œOnce you stop learning, you start dying.”

– Albert Einstein