List of Episodes



#001 Introduction, my intention, and what you'll gain by listening.

#002 Allan Kleynhans: on Tony Robbins, personal & spiritual development, and self-forgiveness.

#003 Dr Wasi Saleem: on Dean Graziosi, the power of visualisation, and the Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB).

#004 Ryan Gottfredson: what are our mindsets and how can we improve them?

#005 Gabriel Beckett: on overcoming rock-bottom, facing fears, and the 3 pillars of health.

#006 Chris Spurvey: on sales mindset, practicing affirmations, and the bridges we cross in life.

#007 Josh Tapp: on podcasting, masterminding, and taking risks.

#008 David Saville: on storytelling, listening deeply, and becoming the superhuman version of yourself.

#009 Chuck Hogan: on attitude of gratitude, the art of fulfilment, and being a Tony Robbins senior trainer.

#010 Lampros Ioannou: on holistic life coaching, freedom & authenticity, and connecting with our soul.

#011 Northern Deer Alexander: a shaman's viewpoint on coronavirus, on the spirit of fear, and our vital energy.

#012 Cameron Arsenault: on making an impact on the environment, virtual marketing, and the importance of investing in yourself.

#013 Chris Branch: on finding equanimity in the coronavirus chaos, Stoicism, meditation, and health.

#014 Reem Kharbat: on breaking the rules, mindsets of success, and the secret to getting anything you want in life.

#015 Chuck Hogan, part 1: on thriving -not surviving- during the coronavirus, coping with fear and uncertainty, and resetting ourselves.

#016 Chuck Hogan, part 2: on being adaptable, distancing from negativity, and evaluating the professional opportunities of disruption.

#017 Nik Gray: on asking great questions, "blinding flashes of the obvious", and the 3 challenges most business owners face during the Covid epidemic.

#018 Emma Estrela, part 1: on Wim Hof method, cold exposure & immunity, and the freedom of going 'off-grid'.

#019 Emma Estrela, part 2: on Wim Hof method, breathing, and a breathwork practice for the podcast listeners.

#020 Kim Box: on unique superpowers, body transformations, and not giving up.

#021 Rich Waterman, part 1: on the importance of contribution, the concept of richness, and seeing ourselves for who we are, not what we do.

#022 Rich Waterman, part 2: on overcoming fears, the message negative emotions give us, and the abundance mindset's role in financial wealth.

#023 Cosimo Marraffa: on automatic negative thoughts, coping with emotions, and transitioning to online business.

#024 Steve Bode: on accessing the unused potential in your brain, quieting the mind, and your enlightened master.

#025 Jamie Keeling & Kevin Bennison, "podcast trio" part 1: on inspirational podcasts, Tae Kwon Do, and Tony Robbins.

#026 Jamie Keeling & Kevin Bennison, "podcast trio" part 2: on public speaking, the human needs for contribution and significance, and dystopian conspiracies.

#027 Vikrant Shaurya: on becoming an Amazon best-selling author, self-publishing, and the "rich dad poor dad" effect.

#028 Dr Barry Oulton: on limiting beliefs, Tony Robbins, and communication skills.

#029 Halstead Ottley, part 1: on dealing with self-doubt, being a problem solver, and property investing as an income source.

#030 Halstead Ottley, part 2: on financial freedom, property investing education, and mastermind groups.

#031 Toni Jehan, part 1: on spirituality, trusting our divine self's guidance, and the spiritual reason for being.

#032 Toni Jehan, part 2: on karmic debts, soul realignment, and having trust in our higher self.

#033 Will Polston, part 1: on living congruently with our values, success, and our north star.

#034 Will Polston, part 2: on morning routines, goal setting, and motivational quotes.

#035 Dr Harry Singh: on money mindset, self development versus shelf development, and the role your peer group has in your success.

#036 Katie Day: on the mindset shifts of motherhood, streamlining your business, and mastermind groups.

#037 Rob Scott, part 1: on changing our very identity, fundamental shifts, and self-transcending experiences.

#038 Rob Scott, part 2: on the limiting beliefs we carry, instant gratification, and self-sabotaging.

#039 Genecia Alluora: on turning your mess into your message, empowering women, and money mindset.

#040 Joze Piranian: on redefining your relationship with fear, public speaking, and the "inner stutter" most people have.

#041 Michelle Mercier: on overcoming self-doubt, the resilience muscle, and burning the bridges.

#042 Nikos Mavrakis: on self-education, entrepreneur's mindset, and the curse of perfectionism.

#043 Lauren Tickner: on entrepreneurial mindset, being relentless, and just in time learning.

#044 Solo episode: Reflection on podcast's 6 months and my thoughts on the current global covid situation.

#045 Sophia Vasiliou, part 1: on science vs spirituality, Dr Bruce Lipton, and how our beliefs create our reality.

#046 Sophia Vasiliou, part 2: on shamanism, demystifying ayahuasca, and the shift in human consciousness.

#047 Adrian Hales: on unlocking our superhuman abilities, embracing our higher purpose, and the tremendous importance of meditation.

#048 Arti Joshi: on fearless dating, the energy we bring in our relationships, and meeting our beautiful self.

#049 David Bailey: on seeing obstacles as inconveniences, raising the threshold of discomfort, and the realisation that life is finite

#050 RenΓ©e Marino: on authentic communication, the 'overnight success' myth, and being mentored by Clint Eastwood.

#051 Jamie York: on money mindset, prosperity, and the fulfilment personal development brings

#052 Robert Quinn: on living a purpose-driven life, inspiring positive change, and changing our own weather.

#053 Alexander Keehnen: on leveraging the true power of our mind, doing business from the heart, and the vision of a new Earth.

#054 Solo episode: On confidence, my key defining moment, and advice to my younger self.

#055 Luca Sonzogni, part 1: on soul searching journeys, the philosophy of yoga, and detaching from reactive emotions.

#056 Luca Sonzogni, part 2: on the healing power of fasting, healthy nutrition, and escaping the rat race.

#057 Kane Sarota-Novak: on the grieving process of separation, our inner voice, and the 'corridor of life'.

#058 Richi Watson: on uncomfortable conversations, the value of regret, and the self-help myths that sabotage your emotional wellbeing.

#059 Aaron Timms: on mastering your mind, self-healing, and the power of beliefs.

#060 Kelly Reeves: on personal growth after 40, unwavering faith, and the lessons dogs teach us about spirituality.

#061 Uzma Naqvi: on holistic transformation, emotional intelligence, and reprogramming the mind.

#062 Garry Turner: on mid-life awakening, vulnerability, and investing in ourselves.

#063 Lenny Richardson: on eudaimonia, constant 1% improvement, and comparing ourselves with others.

#064 Eirini Kapsidou, part 1: on inner conflicts manifesting as disease, healing from cancer, and shamanism.

#065 Eirini Kapsidou, part 2: on feminine power, vulnerability, and a shamanic drum meditation!

#066 Dennis Berry: on recovering from addictions, emotional handling skills, and forgiveness as a way to inner peace.

#067 Andrew Kap: on law of attraction, gratitude, and how your ego might actually be keeping you from succeeding.

#068 Janet Johnson: on our relationship with food, the mindset of losing weight, and the power of hypnotherapy.

#069 Stephen Doran, part 1: on the importance of congruence, burning the bullsh!t, and the misconception that knowledge is power.

#070 Stephen Doran, part 2: on happiness, empathy vs jealousy, and the correlation between sleep and success.

#071 Jay Munoz: on abundance, the mindset switch to trigger a metamorphosis, and "la isla bonita".

#072 Solo episode: Unleashing the Power Within… virtually!

#073 Laura DiBenedetto: on building a life of joy, the illusion of what success is, and the 6 habits that real happiness comes from.

#074 James Dand: on transformational music, empowerment songs, and a question that will change your life.

#075 Suzy Siegle: on our internal compass, the locus of control, and a simple 5 minute-a-day tool to change your life

#076 Tamara von Dohren, part 1: on 'tall poppy' syndrome, embracing our authentic self, and the Japanese culture.

#077 Tamara von Dohren, part 2: on the power of visualisation, manifestation, and what needs to burn for your growth to happen.

#078 Becky Morrison: on happiness, the formula of maximum happiness, and moving through your emotional states.

#079 Chris Thrall: on commando state of mind, running 999 miles, and how to tick off everything on your bucket list.

#080 Solo episode: on authentic reflections, highest values, and breaking through playing small.

#081 Chess Edwards, part 1: on personal versus spiritual development, the inner adventure, and how meditation integrates into our waking life.

#082 Chess Edwards, part 2: on doubting the story of self we've constructed, emotional fluency, and emotional vocabulary.

#083 Liam Ryan: on the art of selling and negotiating, wealth mindset, and the power of visualisation.

#084 Dr Memnia Theodorou: on sailing round the world, resilience, and changing career from dentistry to coaching.

#085 Frank Saliki: on self-love, the power of acknowledging the past, and giving ourselves a break.

#086 Solo episode: about the ending of 2020

#087 A review of the podcast's first year and the most popular episodes

#088 Michèl Keller: on starting 2021 with wealth-health mindset, having freedom of choice, and how to thrive in this economy.

#089 Andy Ramage: on starting the year with an alcohol free adventure, the fun side of the island, and challenging the conventional thinking.

#090 Elpida Frantzeskarou, part 1: on life's extraordinary journey, becoming a Tony Robbins trainer, and our language pattern programs.

#091 Elpida Frantzeskarou, part 2: on conscious choices, our choice of what to focus on, and finding the blessing in every adversity.

#092 Niiamah Ashong: on celebrating people's differences, "fitting out", and the thin line between being an outlier and an outsider.

#093 EB Sanders: on the path to a fulfilling career, leaning in to our strengths, and the power of visualisation

#094 Dhru Shah: on the spark that ignites our passion, joyous exploration, and optimism vs realism.

#095 Danielle Lindblom: on dealing with anxiety, self-acceptance, and being fully authentic.

#096 Wayne Forrest: on stepping into our fear, struggles bring gifts, and disability brings new ability.

#097 Vamsi Pannala: on shiny objects, consistent focus on one thing, and virtual summits.

#098 Mary Kate Gulick: on acknowledging our own expertise, the scrabble philosophy, and content creation routines.

#099 Solo episode: feels like 99%

#100 Dr Mahmood Mawjee, part 1: on living a life of no regrets, coming from a point of service, and greatest gift comes from greatest pain.

#101 Dr Mahmood Mawjee, part 2: on abundance mindset, attachment to money, and holding ourselves to high standards.

#102 Erica Lippy: on mastering mind + body, getting to know your authentic self, and the passion love pursuit movement.

#103 Chris Barrow: on mastering the art of living, emotional prosperity, and practicing extreme self-care.

#104 Cornell Thomas: on the power of positivity, empathy, and realising that you can live your purpose.

#105 Marlo Higgins: on being a maverick, the chief inspirational officer, and your intuition is your oracle.

#106 Nick Littlehales: on sleep, the secrets of sleep, and practical sleep techniques adopted by elite athletes & coaches.

#107 Paul Shepherd, part 1: on the lessons learned spending $500k on personal development programs, tuning into our body's intelligence, and the blueprint of the soul.

#108 Paul Shepherd, part 2: on calibrating our intuition, accepting responsibility for who we are, and the magic that happens with surrendering.

#109 Dean Fox: on taking inspired action, peeling back the layers of "Think and Grow Rich", and the spiritual quest of understanding who we truly are.

#110 David Wood: on being 30% more courageous, addressing the tough conversations we avoid, and achieving more by focusing on less.

#111 Solo episode: on morning routines

#112 Nicole Laino: on manifestation, the emotions attached to our limiting beliefs, and the spiritual side of money.

#113 GΓΌl SΓΆnmez: on self healing, self forgiveness, and what you seek is seeking you.

#114 Solo episode: on the power of intention

#115 Solo episode: on limiting beliefs

#116 Jamie Keeling, part 1: on Stoic philosophy, our own mortality, and the strategic use of swear words.

#117 Jamie Keeling, part 2: on the entrepreneur revolution, serving through podcasting, and the most common mistakes business owners make.

#118 Thais Gibson: on reprogramming the subconscious, emotional attachments, and how our early childhood experiences affect our adult romantic relationships.

#119 Joli Hamilton: on the vocabulary we use for our sexuality, the one single conversation to reignite your sex life, and jealousy vs compersion.

#120 Pat Quinn: on the importance of storytelling, how you can influence people with your 'ordinary' story, and a 2.5 minute model to tell any story.

#121 Sophie McLean: on deconstructing the ego, a new culture for humankind, and the shift from Homo Sapiens to Homo Spiritus.

#122 Corinna Phillips: on creating your own economy and the "Own your Future" challenge with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.

#123 Solo episode: I'd love to hear more from you!

#124 Laura Powers: on tapping into your intuition, the keys to manifesting your dream life, and how to access your own psychic gifts.\

#125 Sarah Watts: on the connection between passion-mission-identity, insights from crewing Tony Robbins events, and becoming curious about spirituality.

#126 David Strickel: on trusting your abundance, the law of attraction, and receiving guidance from the stream of consciousness.

#127 Jean Atman: on choosing not to suffer, energy healing, and raising our vibration.

#128 Leo Bottary: on peer group learning, personal responsibility in a team, and re-evaluating our beliefs.

#129 Solo episode - 10 things I learned from... (part 1)

#130 Dan Clark: on increasing your focus by 200%,, and tapping into your desired mental state at will. 

#131 My interview at "Make It Happen with Will Polston" podcast. 

#132 Mark Gober, part 1: on where does our mind come from, the scientific evidence about consciousness, and the mind-blowing implications. 

#133 Mark Gober, part 2: on shifting the model of consciousness, the life review, and the interconnected nature of reality. 

#134 Brian John Skillen: on finding one's passion, a pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago, and turning a rejected novel into an Amazon bestseller. 

#135 Tiffany Nguyen: on the happiness blueprint, meditation, and the journey to find inner peace.

#136 Chris Marhefka, part 1: on guiding life from the heart, the permission to be your most authentic self, and coming back to the breath.

#137 Chris Marhefka, part 2: on the differences between men's and women's personal development, sitting with our emotions, and the three levels of emotional awareness.

#138 Sensei Victoria Whitfield: on using our natural intuition in business, the R.O.I. of energy therapy, and lowering our locus of attention.

#139 Solo episode - 10 things I learned from... (part 2), and unlocking your potential.

#140 Brian Lovegrove: on focusing on the benefits of the outcome, accepting personal responsibility, and why learning alone does not make lasting change.

#141 My interview at "22 Motivational minutes with Marlo Higgins" podcast.

#142 Dr Stephanie Zgraggen: on becoming the detective of your own body, how stress impacts our productivity, and a paradigm shift for self-care.

#143 Solo episode: what I've learned after 3 years of podcasting.

#144 SΓ©bastien Fouillade, part 1: on the stigma around psychedelics, getting out of the 'spiritual closet', and soul manifesting.

#145 SΓ©bastien Fouillade, part 2: on plant medicine, Ayahuasca ceremonies, and the next step on your spiritual journey.

#146 Tracy Litt: on self-worth, helpful vs unhelpful fear, and working on the receivership instead of abundance.

#147 Seven Jacobs: on youth leadership, mental health challenges among young leaders, and understanding who you really are.

#148 Sayyedah Hassanali: on conscious manifestation, wisdom journaling, and sitting in the discomfort of your emotions.

#149 Scott Schober: on our privacy online, why cyber-security is everybody's business, and simple security practices for entrepreneurs & small businesses.

#150 Solo episode: on mastery.

#151 Liz Kislik: on self care for leaders, conflict & communication at work, and acknowledging others' emotions. 

#152 Erin Jewell: on the leadership style of men and women, the flow state when you're at your weakest, and non-judgement self observation. 

#153 Nikki Nash: on marketing your genius, building a personal brand business, and becoming the go-to industry expert. 

#154 Kim Barrett: on the link between personal development and growing a business, social media marketing, and the most common mistake entrepreneurs make. 

#155 Solo episode: on floatation therapy, sensory deprivation, and what's next for the podcast.

#156 Rob Scott [abridged re-release]: on the fundamental shifts of our very identity, looking at our limiting beliefs, and dealing with self sabotage. 

#157 Sophia Vasiliou [abridged re-release]: on science versus spirituality, Dr Bruce Lipton, and clearing limiting beliefs with Psych-K. 

#158 Chuck Hogan [abridged re-release]: on managing our emotional state, shifting our focus from fear to faith, and thrive not survive. 

#159 A prelude to Gaianet, and growing the roots of a New Earth. 

#160 Gaianet, part 1: growing the roots of a New Earth. 

#161 Gaianet, part 2: living from the heart. 

#162 Gaianet, part 3: love in action. 

#163 An epilogue to Gaianet and my reflections on what I learned. 

#164 Julie Broad: on writing a non-fiction book, the team behind writing, and the biggest mistake in self-publishing.