Overcoming Midlife Crisis and Finding a New Career Path

Have you felt unfulfilled in your career lately and lost your sense of purpose and motivation? You may be experiencing a midlife crisis, as many men in their late 30s to mid-40s often do. However, career coach Anna Urnova believes that what seems like a crisis can actually be an opportunity for growth and change.

Anna has over 25 years of experience helping men navigate this transition period and find new career paths that are more fulfilling. On her podcast with Agi Keramidas, she shares insights from coaching countless men through "midlife upgrades" rather than seeing them as crises to be endured.

Some common signs men experience include suddenly losing interest and energy for their jobs, feeling stagnant and unutilised at work despite being busy, and realising they have unrealised potential they want to apply elsewhere. They start to question what's next for their careers and lives as they project continuing on the same path for another 10-15 years.

Anna emphasises that the first step is regaining a sense of purpose and direction. For men especially, losing clarity in their career paths can sap their motivation and energy. She helps clients reconnect with their internal gifts and talents to discover their unique purpose - how they are naturally wired to serve and share value with the world.

True purpose energises you intrinsically when taking action related to it. It's not about crafting a nice mission statement but understanding how you want to contribute and leave your mark. This clarity of direction is essential for men to feel energised again in their work and lives.

From there, Anna's five-step process involves claiming one's gifts, shifting into a new identity through small actions, connecting with supportive networks, and seeking help from others - not trying to figure it all out alone. She emphasises acting now in identity trials rather than waiting indefinitely.

For those experiencing a midlife crisis, Anna recommends treating it as an opportunity rather than a limitation. With the right guidance applying these steps, it's possible to upgrade one's career into something more fulfilling that better utilises your skills and experience. Don't settle for less than your potential - overcome self-doubt and take action towards your purpose today.

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