Building Confidence Through Repetition and Self-Love

In this special episode on confidence, we explore different methods of understanding and building confidence through the insights of four guests. Brenden Kumarasamy emphasises that competence breeds confidence and that repetition of simple exercises such as the random word drill can help build confidence in public speaking over time. By committing to practicing this exercise of speaking about a random word for 30-60 seconds non-stop every day, you are challenged to do it 150 times in a month to see meaningful results.

Katherine Lazaruk discusses the "look good, feel good" principle, citing studies showing that what we wear affects how we perceive ourselves and how we perform. Men who wore suits to negotiations gave up less ground and negotiated better deals than those who wore casual clothes. Our clothing choices unconsciously influence how we carry and present ourselves.

Natalie Bailey presents a unique perspective that confidence is an internal resource that we all possess and can access. She draws parallels with everyday tasks we perform with implicit confidence, such as getting dressed. By recognising our innate abilities in small actions, we can translate that confidence to overcome greater challenges. Everything we want is on the other side of our fears.

Finally, May Lam Rocco emphasises that building confidence starts with self-love, by valuing our achievements, big and small. Setting achievable goals and replacing negative thoughts with affirmations of our strengths helps motivate us to move forward. By focusing on what we're good at rather than our weaknesses, we can excel and become experts at using our innate talents and confidence.

Through these diverse insights, the audience will gain a comprehensive understanding of confidence as something that's within everyone's reach, through both external practices and the cultivation of internal self-belief and self-care. Building confidence is a process that requires consistency over time, but is well within the reach of all who are willing to put in the work.

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