Keep building your confidence!

This concluding episode of the four-part series provides a comprehensive guide to continuing the journey of building confidence. It begins by summarising the key lessons from the previous episodes. We are reminded of the theoretical underpinning discussed in the first episode, which introduced the four C's model of how confidence develops over time through commitment, courage, competence and finally confidence.

The second episode's focus on practical techniques is then reviewed, including strategies such as regularly stepping out of your comfort zone to gain new experiences. Visualisation exercises are also revisited, such as mentally rehearsing positive outcomes to build confidence. Another method highlighted is using body language to your advantage, such as maintaining an open posture.

The third episode also briefly summarises the insights of previous podcast guests, who offer unique perspectives on understanding and building confidence. This lays the groundwork for additional strategies presented in the final episode.

Specific new tips include being aware of physical tension, such as in the shoulders, and making an effort to relax the body. It is noted that small changes in our physiology can have a significant impact on our mental state. Mindfulness of thoughts is also emphasised, recognising that negative self-talk often reflects assumptions rather than facts.

Throughout, the non-linear nature of the confidence journey is emphasised. Goals should evolve to maintain motivation. Practices such as journaling are recommended to support self-reflection on progress made and areas for further growth. You are encouraged to believe in your abilities and potential for the future, while embracing challenges that facilitate learning and skill development over time.

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