Unraveling Our Spiritual Bond with Guardian Angels

Are you seeking to develop a deeper connection with your spiritual self? If yes, then this post inspired by a profound podcast episode with Ros Place, a best-selling author and renowned guardian angel channel, will undoubtedly provide you with some fascinating insights. This episode uncovers the transformative impact that our relationships with our guardian angels can have on our lives, while also offering practical tips on how to foster this unique bond.

Enthralling Journey

Ros Place’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Her deep-rooted connection with guardian angels has not only reshaped her life but has also created a ripple effect in the lives of those around her. A chance encounter with a multi-billionaire in Los Angeles further opened her eyes to the profound realization of how this spiritual bond can impact us and those around us. 


Understanding Guardian Angels

Guardian angels have been a topic of intrigue and curiosity for centuries. Ros, through her personal experiences, explains how each of us has a guardian angel that guides us. By embracing love, openness, and free will, we can overcome the barriers of ego and nurture our bond with our guardian angels. She also offers practical advice on starting a channeling process to communicate with your guardian angel.

The Power of Intuition and Channeling

Intuition and channeling are two significant guiding forces in our lives. While intuition is an internal feeling that aids us in making practical decisions, channeling involves an external connection with our guardian angel, which requires trust and letting go. 

Personal Transformation through Spiritual Development

One of the most remarkable aspects of this episode is the story of a graduate from Ros' program. Overcoming deep-seated fear, this individual was able to open himself to love, showcasing the powerful impact of spiritual development on personal growth. 

Ros' teachings go beyond just personal experiences. This makes it a must-listen episode for anyone looking to develop a deeper spiritual connection. 


Understanding our bond with guardian angels can bring about transformative changes in our lives. It can guide us towards a more peaceful, content life while also fostering personal growth. 

To embark on this spiritual journey, start with a simple step as recommended by Ros - place your hand over your heart, close your eyes, and tell yourself, "I love you, I accept you for all that you are, I love you unconditionally." This simple exercise can help you accept love for yourself and for others, fostering a deeper connection with your spiritual self.

Embrace this spiritual journey, unlock your spiritual connections, and experience the profound impact it can have on your life. It’s time to embark on this extraordinary journey with your guardian angel. After all, as Ros puts it, β€œpersonal and spiritual development are interconnected, and advancing one supports advancement in the other.”

For the episode, full show notes and links, click here: https://bit.ly/pdm_340