#406 How to redefine success, break free from old patterns & repeating cycles, and achieve true fulfillment, with Christine Jewell.
Personal Development Mastery PodcastJune 17, 2024
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#406 How to redefine success, break free from old patterns & repeating cycles, and achieve true fulfillment, with Christine Jewell.

What if your definition of success is actually holding you back? Christine Jewell, an acclaimed author, keynote speaker and faith-based executive coach, joins us to unravel her extraordinary journey of rising from the ashes of her past. Raised in a high-achieving family, Christine was always driven but found herself feeling empty despite her professional achievements. We explore her pivotal moment of realisation and discuss the importance of breaking cycles to redefine success from a place of peace and mental freedom.

Have you ever wondered why certain challenges in your life keep repeating themselves? Christine sheds light on how our mindset and nervous system play a crucial role in perpetuating these patterns. By identifying the underlying wounds and drivers, whether in relationships or work, we can shift from creating out of fear and desperation to living a life inspired and aligned with our true selves. This shift not only brings peace and fulfilment to the present moment, but also changes the nature of the challenges we face, transforming them from obstacles to opportunities for growth.

In a world obsessed with results, where do you find your security? Christine emphasises the importance of finding security in personal effort and faith rather than in specific results. We delve into the joy of savouring life's moments and making conscious choices about how we want to experience our journeys. From writing a book to dating, Christine's insights guide us to enjoy the process and trust our inner knowing. Finally, Christine encourages us to release fears and embrace our authentic selves, unlocking the potential within and allowing the universe to meet us halfway.


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08:21 - Recognizing and Breaking Life Cycles 

09:51 - Living Patterns

16:17 - Operating From Inspiration and Spirit

20:26 - Detaching From Outcome for Security

21:50 - Finding Security and Joy in Life

26:41 - Drop the Armor 

33:06 - Multi-Dimensional Learning Experience 

35:31 - Trust Your Inner Knowing and Shine


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"Trust your inner knowing. Shine your light, be 100% of who you were created to be. Don't apologise for being you - there's only one of you."


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