#408 Master self-publishing success, retain control of your publishing journey, and how to market your book, with Michele DeFilippo.
Personal Development Mastery PodcastJune 24, 2024
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#408 Master self-publishing success, retain control of your publishing journey, and how to market your book, with Michele DeFilippo.

How can authors navigate the complexities of self-publishing to create a successful, high-quality book that stands out in the market?

Unlock the secrets to self-publishing success with industry veteran Michele DeFilippo. Gain invaluable insights into maintaining creative control and maximising your revenues as Michelle shares her 50-year journey in book publishing. Learn why hiring experts for tasks like cover design and formatting is non-negotiable if you want to produce books that truly stand out. Michele's experience and passion for empowering authors will inspire you to take control of your publishing destiny.

Navigating the complex world of traditional versus self-publishing, Michele outlines the challenges authors face with traditional publishers, such as the need for a large social media following and the sacrifice of creative control. In contrast, self-publishing offers more freedom but comes with its own set of hurdles. Michele stresses the importance of using professional services such as editing and proofreading to ensure your book meets market standards, and she clarifies Amazon's role as a platform rather than a publisher. This episode is packed with insights to help you make informed decisions about your publishing journey.

Finally, get invaluable marketing advice tailored to self-published authors. Learn about the importance of using platforms like Amazon and IngramSpark for broad distribution and how to make your book stand out in a crowded marketplace. Explore two different marketing strategies: self-education through the resources available on our website, and professional guidance from trusted marketing experts. Learn about common pitfalls, such as the do-it-yourself mentality and reluctance to market, and get practical advice on how to overcome these obstacles. This episode is packed with insights to help you produce a quality book that will resonate with readers and stand the test of time.


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01:41 - Navigating Self-Publishing With Confidence

03:28 - The Evolution of Independent Publishing

08:35 - Self-Publishing Book Quality and Team

11:27 - Traditional vs Independent Publishing

14:26 - The Importance of Professional Editors

17:28 - Self-Publishing and Book Marketing Advice

25:37 - Marketing Strategies and Self-Publishing Insights

29:58 - Expanding Book Selling Options With IngramSpark


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"Do whatever it is you're afraid of doing, because on the other side of that is a lot of growth and development that you never imagined!"


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