#298 How to find happiness and fulfillment in your midlife season, with Bernie Borges.
Personal Development Mastery PodcastMarch 27, 2023
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#298 How to find happiness and fulfillment in your midlife season, with Bernie Borges.

In this episode, I had the pleasure of discussing midlife fulfillment with Bernie Borges, host of the Midlife Fulfilled podcast. 

We discussed the difference between happiness & fulfilment, the most common misconception about midlife, and 2 things that you can do right now to feel more fulfilled.

If you're seeking greater fulfillment in your midlife season, this conversation is definitely one you won't want to miss.

I encourage you to check out episode 66 of Bernie's “Midlife Fulfilled” podcast, where I went as a guest and opened up by discussing my “before fulfilment” to “after fulfilment” story.

If you enjoy Personal Development Mastery podcast, I am sure you will find value in Bernie's “Midlife Fulfilled” podcast!

Listen to my appearance at Bernie’s podcast, where I spoke about my BF (before fulfilment) to AF (after fulfilment) story:



* Midlife fulfilment and midlife seasons

* Midlife is widely misunderstood as a “midpoint” in life

* The 3 phases of life: youth, midlife and end of life

* Youth up about 30, Midlife= adulting, End of life= when health declines, near death

* The distinction between happiness and fulfilment

* The U-curve of happiness

* The 2 reasons why people feel happy again after their 40s

* Can you be happy without fulfilment?

* The role career plays in fulfilment

* Fulfilment and self-actualisation 

* Reflect on your own life, become more self-aware


0:04:52 - Seeking Fulfillment in Midlife 

0:09:07 - The Happiness U Curve 

0:14:41 - Exploring the Difference Between Happiness and Fulfillment

0:17:52 - Knowing Your Values and Self Awareness 

0:22:35 - Life in Your Forties 

0:25:20 - Fulfillment in Midlife: Examples from Guests on the Podcast

0:28:10 - Achieving Dreams and Letting Go

0:33:40 - The Misconception of Midlife

0:39:29 - Actionable steps to Achieving Fulfillment in Life


“Don’t be afraid to fail, because you’re going to learn a lot from failure - it’s going to make you stronger and better.”


Listen to Bernie’s podcast, Midlife Fulfilled: https://midlifefulfilled.com/

Listen to my appearance at Bernie’s podcast, where I spoke about my BF (before fulfilment) to AF (after fulfilment) story:



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Bernie Borges and Agi Keramidas discussed the concept of midlife and how it relates to personal fulfilment. Bernie defined midlife as adulting and described it as having three phases: youth, midlife, and end of life. Agi shared his experience of being unfulfilled and unmotivated, and how he changed his life through personal development. Bernie hosts the Midlife Fulfilled podcast, which focuses on inspiring guests and their BF2AF stories, meaning Before Fulfilment to After Fulfilment. Agi and Bernie discussed the lack of fulfilment many people experience during midlife, and how to take action to become more fulfilled. They encouraged listeners to check out Bernie's podcast, where he provides practical advice and encourages listeners to take action to become more fulfilled. They concluded by discussing the misconceptions of midlife and the age group associated with it.

Bernie Borges is a content marketing professional and a longtime podcaster, and he has been in marketing for more than 20 years. He has gone through many seasons of life and has been seeking a level of fulfilment. Bernie fell in love with the podcast medium and has been using it to have conversations on topics he is interested in. He believes that everyone goes through many different Before Fulfilment to After Fulfilment experiences throughout their lifetime, and he has found fulfilment through his journey in podcasting.

The speaker has been podcasting for 10 years, launching two podcasts in that time and taking a break in between. During that break, he had a desire to launch another podcast, but needed to find the right topic. After researching, he realized that midlife topics were focused mainly on women, so he decided to focus his podcast on midlife for men. He wanted to provide a platform to discuss topics that are often misunderstood, such as menopause and divorce. 

The conversation is about the distinction between happiness and fulfilment, with the distinction being that happiness is an emotion, while fulfilment is a feeling. The speaker refers to a study conducted by the United States Bureau of Labour Statistics, which concluded that people are the happiest at age 18, then become less happy in their mid 40s, before becoming happier again as they age. This study is known as the Happiness U curve. The speaker also explains that while there are overlaps between happiness and fulfilment, they are two distinct things. Happiness is often experienced in seasons or moments, while fulfilment is a more subtle feeling that is felt in the soul.


The Difference Between Happiness and Fulfillment

In this portion of the conversation, we delve into the journey of discovering the topic of midlife fulfillment for a podcast and the difference between happiness and fulfillment. We explore the Happiness U Curve, a global study measuring happiness across different life stages, and discuss how fulfillment often comes from knowing our values and understanding what is most important to us. With a focus on career as a significant aspect of fulfillment, we also touch upon the importance of self-actualization in achieving a sense of fulfillment in our lives'


Fulfillment in Life Stages

Exploring the concept of values and how they change throughout our lives, we discuss how understanding our current values can lead to self-awareness and fulfillment. We touch on the importance of health as a significant area of life and how people's values may shift from career-focused to family-oriented as they age. We also consider the happiness curve, with happiness generally increasing as people age past their forties and come to terms with their life experiences. By embracing self-awareness and seeking fulfillment in various aspects of life, we can maintain our mental health and overall well-being as we navigate through different stages of life'


Exploring the Concept of Midlife Adulting

We continue our discussion on the misconception of midlife, emphasizing that it extends far beyond what most people perceive. Midlife, or adulting, can carry on until one reaches the end of life when their physical health declines. We also explore the importance of self-reflection and understanding one's values in order to find more fulfillment in life. Additionally, we provide actionable advice on how to start moving towards a more fulfilled life by focusing on relationships, career, and talents. Finally, we touch upon the importance of personal development and not being afraid to fail in order to grow'


Bernie Borges is a midlife wellness advocate, husband, father, and digital native. Bernie has a professional background in marketing, and is the host of the Midlife Fulfilled podcast. Bernie discusses his journey to finding fulfilment and how he transitioned from his first podcast experiment, the Modern Marketing Engine podcast, to his new podcast about midlife fulfilment. He explains how he had to find the right topic to focus on and how he was missing the podcasting experience after retiring his last podcast. Bernie shares his passion for helping people to live more fulfilled midlife seasons, and how they can realise their values and find true happiness.


The conversation focuses on midlife and the misunderstanding and misperception around it. It is often focused on women, however, the speaker is a man and has not been through divorce. The speaker then introduces the topic of the Happiness U Curve, a study that was conducted by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics. The study concluded that people are the happiest in their life at age 18 and the least happy in their mid 40s. The conversation then discusses the difference between happiness and fulfilment, with happiness being an emotion and fulfilment being a feeling. An example is given of someone who is fulfilled in their career but may not necessarily be happy.


The conversation discusses the difference between being fulfilled and being happy. It is possible to be fulfilled in one area of life, such as a career, but still be unhappy in other areas, such as relationships. To be fulfilled is the highest level of self-actualization and is not easily achieved. Career is the area of life in which people often feel the least fulfilled. The example given of someone who is fulfilled but not happy is that of a person who has a great relationship with their spouse and children, but is frustrated in their career. Conversely, an example of someone who is happy but not fulfilled is someone who has followed the career path they were expected to, and feel unfulfilled in their career after 20-30 years.


This conversation looked at the idea of happiness and fulfilment. It was stated that it is common to be happy in some areas of life, such as relationships, but unfulfilled in others, such as career. Maslow's hierarchy of needs was referenced, and it was suggested that self-actualisation is related to fulfilment in career. However, it was also suggested that the key to finding fulfilment is to identify one's values. As these values can change as people go through different seasons of life, it is important to continually reassess what is important in order to find fulfilment.