#300 What does personal development mean to you?
Personal Development Mastery PodcastApril 03, 2023
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#300 What does personal development mean to you?

“What does personal development mean to you?”

This is a question I have asked to almost 200 of the previous podcast’s guests.

In this celebratory episode #300, we will find some answers! I took the opportunity to revisit this particular question, and out of all the previous episodes, I chose 11 of my favourite answers.

My intention is that through the wisdom of these answers you will gain an insight, a deeper understanding about your own journey of personal development. 


Featured guests in order of appearance:

02:15 Victoria Rader (#234)

03:23 Dr John Demartini (#190)

03:35 Rich Waterman (#021)

03:57 Emma Estrela (#018)

04:44 Tim van der Vliet (#208)

05:55 Brian Tracy (#230)

06:16 Jean Atman (#127)

06:57 Andrew Kap (#067)

07:20 Paul Levitin (#243)

08:14 Simon Paul Sutton (#222)

09:43 Barbara Lima (#210)

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"11 Experts Reveal What Personal Development Means To Them"

Personal development is a journey to create the life you truly desire. It is a term that encompasses the mastery of both physical and mental attributes to become the person you aspire to be. It requires a deeper understanding of yourself and a rational mind to make the best decisions. It involves carving out the space to explore possibilities and discovering what works best for you. In this episode 300 of the Personal Development Mastery podcast, guests discuss their views on personal development and how it has impacted their lives. They explore the temporality of the word and how it has opened up new doors for them. They also share their thoughts on previous podcasts and offer their own answers to the question of what personal development means to them.

Victoria Raders' answer to what does personal development mean to her is represented by the story of Michelangelo carving David out of the faulty marble. To her, it is about breaking through obstacles and studying what is in front of you to create something beautiful and meaningful. She believes that it requires patience, persistence, and dedication to create something that stands the test of time. This is the type of approach she takes to her own personal development journey. She wants to take the time to understand what she is working with, break through any obstacles, and create something beautiful and meaningful.

Personal development is a journey of self-exploration, coming home to oneself, and body intelligence. It is a process of understanding one’s personas, integrating them into authenticity, and living an authentic and integral life. It is taking control of one’s life, steering it towards success, happiness, and personal wealth. It is getting to know oneself, recognizing needs, desires, and what feels good. It is also about breaking old patterns, giving oneself permission to live a more fulfilling life, and becoming a vast sovereign being. Finally, it is a duty, not a luxury, to do more mentally stimulating activities and develop oneself.

Barbara Lima and Agi Keramidas discussed the concept of personal development. For Barbara, personal development is like shaking a Polaroid to reveal one's true self. It requires consistency and repetition in order to master it. For her, personal development is like water - it is vital and liminal. It is a space to cultivate oneself, to understand one's true nature, and to be present. It is a process of liquid newness that can be molded to one's desires. It is a journey of discovering the shadows and facing them in order to grow.