#334 How to become fearless, deconstruct the narratives in your head, and rediscover your humanity, with Colin Kingsmill.
Personal Development Mastery PodcastSeptember 25, 2023
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#334 How to become fearless, deconstruct the narratives in your head, and rediscover your humanity, with Colin Kingsmill.

Ever wondered what sparks a personal awakening that drives someone to give up everything and start anew? My guest, Colin Kingsmill, has a remarkable story to share. Leaving behind a successful career in Swiss banking, Colin waved goodbye to his possessions and embarked on a fresh journey. His transformative experience, born from a past-life regression during a rebirthing session, stirred a deep realisation: True success lies in the soul, not in material possessions. We explore this fearlessness and how it led Colin to redefine his understanding of success and happiness. 


This episode is an insightful journey into the heart of self-discovery as Colin and I dismantle the narratives of unworthiness that often dictate our life decisions. We dive into the importance of creating a vision for your life, a central theme in Colin's book, '88 Actionable Insights for Life.' We also discuss the power of daily rituals and self-protection in shielding us from the barrage of toxic messaging prevalent in our society. Finally, we contemplate the profound liberation that comes from rediscovering our humanityβ€”freeing us from psychological suffering and beckoning us towards a kinder, more compassionate existence. Tune in, and let's explore together the transformative power of fearlessness and self-discovery.

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0:03:15 - Becoming Fearless

0:07:37 - Past Life Regression Through Breath Work

0:10:09 - Deconstructing Narratives of Unworthiness

0:22:33 - Rediscovering Your Humanity

0:30:29 - Our Smallness in the Universe


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β€œYou do not have to prove anything to anyone, you are complete already.”

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Colin’s website: https://colinkingsmill.com/

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