#410 How can mid-career men transform a midlife crisis into a career upgrade opportunity, with Anna Urnova.
Personal Development Mastery PodcastJuly 01, 2024
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#410 How can mid-career men transform a midlife crisis into a career upgrade opportunity, with Anna Urnova.

Are you stuck in a soul-destroying job or facing a midlife crisis? This episode is your roadmap to transformation! 

Join us as we sit down with Anna Urnova, an award-winning career coach with over 25 years' experience who now specialises in guiding mid-career men aged 35 to 55 through life-changing transitions. Discover how Anna's unique approach, which combines heart and logic, helps her clients uncover deeper existential issues behind their career-focused goals. Find out why she chose to focus on men and the unique challenges they face during midlife transitions.

Unlock the secrets to overcoming midlife crises and reigniting your passion for life. Anna takes us through the common symptoms men experience, such as feeling stuck and losing motivation, and turns these challenges into opportunities for profound transformation. This episode is a must-listen for anyone who wants to regain direction and clarity so that life feels meaningful and fulfilling again.

Ready to take immediate action to transform your career? Anna outlines a practical five-step process that includes trial shifts and building a supportive network. From aspiring writer to successful author, you will learn how to start small and gradually embrace your new identity. Anna's invaluable advice will inspire you to see life's challenges as opportunities for growth and to never settle for less than what you're meant to achieve. Tune in for actionable insights that could transform your career and personal life!


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07:24 - Gender-Specific Career Coaching Insights 

16:08 - Steps to Break Midlife Crisis

19:21 - Regaining Purpose and Direction in Men

24:05 - Finding Purpose in Career and Life

28:22 - Five Steps to Career Transformation

32:48 - Navigating New Identities and Networks 

36:59 - Five Steps for Career Pivots 

37:54 - Personal Development and Mentorship Advice

41:39 - Seeking Change and Worthiness 


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"Find a good coach or mentor. And remember you have the right to be happy!"


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Anna's website: https://annaurnova.com/



1. Discover how a midlife crisis can be reframed as a powerful opportunity for transformation and growth, leading to an upgraded and more fulfilling life trajectory.

2. Gain insights into a five-step process that facilitates career transitions, such as pivoting from an aspiring writer to a published author, including actionable strategies for immediate implementation.

3. Learn the importance of personal development and mentorship in overcoming shyness and fear, embracing life's challenges, and achieving the potential and happiness you're destined for.


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