#411 Personal Development Mastery coffee hour!
Personal Development Mastery PodcastJuly 04, 2024
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#411 Personal Development Mastery coffee hour!

I’m excited to continue the Personal Development Mastery Coffee Hour on Monday July 8th, at 7 pm London time (2 pm New York time). This virtual meet-up is a perfect chance for us to chat one-on-one about personal development, the podcast, or whatever's on your mind. Grab your favourite beverage and let's meet for an open, relaxed conversation. 


Personal Development Mastery coffee hour:

Every 2nd Monday of each month, starting at 7 pm London time (2 pm New York) for 45 minutes.

Next meetups are:

Monday 8 July 2024

Monday 12 August 2024

You can add the event in your calendar here:


Here is the Zoom link to join:



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