#333 What I learned from doing a 3-day silent meditation retreat.
Personal Development Mastery PodcastSeptember 18, 2023
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#333 What I learned from doing a 3-day silent meditation retreat.

Returning from a 3-day silent meditation retreat, I found myself reflecting on how my previous 10-day Vipassana retreat had sparked a profound journey of personal and spiritual self-discovery. The 3-day retreat, however, proved to be more challenging than I'd anticipated, shattering my initial assumption that it would be easier than the 10-day one. The knowledge I gained from these experiences revamped my understanding of meditation and its role in personal development, compelling me to share these insights with you.


In this candid and introspective episode, I detail the moments of clarity and life-changing realisations I had during the retreat, including a surprising revelation about the future direction of Personal Development Mastery podcast. I also delve into the struggle of maintaining momentum with Vipassana meditation after the retreat and the lessons I learned from this. For those curious about Vipassana, I discuss the technique and its transformative potential. So, join me as we explore the profound impact of silent meditation retreats on personal development and spiritual evolution.


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