#344 Understanding trauma, humanity’s transition from the ‘3rd dimension’, and what these dimensions represent, with Antonia.
Personal Development Mastery PodcastNovember 06, 2023
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#344 Understanding trauma, humanity’s transition from the ‘3rd dimension’, and what these dimensions represent, with Antonia.

On this fascinating episode of Personal Development Mastery, join me as I sit down with Antonia, a registered holistic psychotherapist and author of Dismantling the Third Dimension. Antonia takes us on a journey of her own personal transition to a more spiritual path, discussing her experiences with synchronicities and energy movement. She sheds light on the importance of silence and how it allows us to access higher frequencies and the intelligence of consciousness, while exploring the concept of collective healing.


We continue our exploration into the profound impact of ancestral trauma and how it's passed down through generations. Antonia helps us understand how these traumas are etched into our DNA and can be impacted by higher frequencies. Further, we tackle the concept of the third dimension and its representation of a reality filled with pain. Listen as Antonia describes the shift from pain to unity and how this leads to increased empathy and awareness.


In our discussion on trauma, pain, and personal development, Antonia shares valuable insights into how pain and suffering can be part of an expansion process. She discusses how silence can quiet the noise, allowing higher frequencies to work their magic. Finally, we discuss the power of gratitude and the role of higher frequencies such as compassion and empathy in transmitting acceptance. Join us for this enlightening episode to learn how to transition from pain to unity, explore ancestral trauma's impact, and harness the power of silence for personal development.


0:03:58 - Transition in 2006 and Career Doubts

0:10:07 - Transforming Pain Into Expansion

0:16:39 - Inherited Pain From Previous Generations

0:18:32 - Epigenetics and Inherited Trauma

0:21:26 - Transitioning From Pain to Unity

0:26:47 - Exploring Trauma, Pain, and Personal Development


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Antonia’s website: https://www.tribetocollective.com


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Have you ever wondered where trauma and pain truly come from or how we can work through them? This episode explores collective healing, ancestral trauma, and the transition from the third dimension to higher states of consciousness.


This episode discusses important topics that many people grapple with - the roots of trauma and pain, both personal and collective. By understanding where these difficult emotions come from and how to work through them, listeners can gain insights that may help them overcome challenges in their own lives. Releasing trauma allows for greater peace, clarity and expansion into higher states of awareness. This discussion provides a framework and practical strategies for addressing life's sufferings in a way that facilitates personal and social healing.


By listening to this episode, you will:

1. Learn where trauma and pain originate from, including how ancestral experiences can be passed down intergenerationally.

2. Discover holistic techniques for working through trauma energetically, including the benefits of silence, self-compassion and releasing limiting beliefs.

3. Gain perspective on the transition humanity is undergoing as we shift out of third dimensional realities characterised by fear and separation into higher states of unity, empathy and connection.


Play this episode to gain insights and strategies for overcoming life's sufferings by addressing trauma's deeper roots and facilitating your own expansion into greater peace and awareness.