#348 How to embody your inner goddess, with Lauren Leduc.
Personal Development Mastery PodcastNovember 20, 2023
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#348 How to embody your inner goddess, with Lauren Leduc.

Get ready to step into the realm of the sacred feminine with Lauren Leduc, a visionary yoga teacher, intuitive, mother, and certified Dharma coach. Listen in as she reveals her transformative journey of overcoming personal challenges including anorexia, anxiety, and depression. Hear how she found her path to healing and how her commitment to spiritual growth has enabled her to embrace her gifts and inspire others. Lauren’s wisdom will help you tap into your inner goddess and awaken your spiritual growth using a chakra-based approach.


As we explore what makes us human, we delve into the fascinating world of chakras and energy anatomy. Lauren shares her insights on how to peel back the layers of external programming to uncover your true self. Listen in as we discover the power of connecting with our bodies and the joy of movement as we embody our inner goddess.


Finally, we discuss the importance of connecting with our intuition and the ways to recognize it as a gentle, caring voice that always has our highest good in mind. Lauren reveals how our bodies can provide us with invaluable information and we conclude the conversation by learning how to connect with Lauren and her book. Get ready to understand the power of compassion and understanding in our lives. So, why wait? Share this episode with someone who you believe will find value in it.

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0:00:24 - Understanding the Inner Goddess

0:06:55 - Understanding Personal Growth and Success

0:13:17 - Embodying the Inner Goddess

0:15:38 - Exploring Chakras

0:22:55 - Connecting With Intuition and Inner Guidance

0:28:02 - Ways to Connect With Lauren Leduc

0:32:05 - The Power of Compassion in Humanity

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"Just keep going. There's nothing wrong with you."

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Embody Your Inner Goddess book: https://www.laurenleduc.com/embody-your-inner-goddess-book

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Are you struggling to fully express your authentic self and feel disconnected from your inner wisdom and creativity? Discover how embracing your sacred feminine through intuitive practices like yoga, movement and gratitude can help you start inhabiting your highest self in this episode with visionary yoga teacher Lauren Leduc.

1. Practical tools and techniques for embodying your inner goddess through intuitive practices like yoga, movement, self-care rituals and connecting with your intuition.

2. Insights into using a chakra-based approach and working with energy anatomy to support personal growth, healing and spiritual awakening.

3. Inspiration from Lauren's transformational personal journey of overcoming challenges through embracing her gifts as a yoga teacher, entrepreneur and intuitive guide.

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