#385 My interview on "Change Made Easy" podcast.
Personal Development Mastery PodcastApril 04, 2024
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#385 My interview on "Change Made Easy" podcast.

Today is a unique episode as I am the one being interviewed. In the previous episode we had Paul Levitin on the podcast, talking about how to make change easy. In today's episode, you will hear me when I recently appeared as a guest on Paul's podcast, aptly titled 'Change Made Easy'.


This podcast episode touches on a universal desire that many of us have: to grow personally and live a more fulfilling life. Whether you're facing a particular challenge, feeling stuck in your career, or simply searching for a deeper sense of purpose, the topics discussed in this episode are likely to resonate with you.


Here are some of the things we discussed:

* Insights into uncovering your purpose

* Cultivating gratitude for success

* Mastering your emotions

* Spiritual wisdom

* Intentional living

* Wellbeing


Whether you're looking to overcome specific challenges or improve your overall wellbeing, the discussions on passion, purpose, gratitude, spirituality, intentionality and emotional intelligence offer actionable steps towards a more fulfilling and successful existence.



π—žπ—˜π—¬ π—£π—’π—œπ—‘π—§π—¦ 𝗔𝗑𝗗 π—§π—œπ— π—˜π—¦π—§π—”π— π—£π—¦

0:01:31 - 88 Actionable Insights for Personal Growth

0:03:30 - Essential Categories for Personal Development 

0:13:35 - Mastering Emotional State Through Positive Responses

0:15:13 - Spirituality and Personal Development Integration

0:16:44 - Shifting Words

0:23:16 - Exploring Logic and Spirituality 

0:31:24 - Success Through Inner Knowing and Gratitude

0:37:45 - Golden Threads of Success 

0:40:59 - Common Traits of Successful People 

0:42:20 - Actionable Insights for Happier Life



π— π—˜π— π—’π—₯π—”π—•π—Ÿπ—˜ π—€π—¨π—’π—§π—˜

"Words become worlds, they become our world. So they are extremely important."


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Listen to Paul Levitin's podcast "Change Made Easy":



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