#386 Living in alignment with our Dharma (higher purpose), with John Lawyer.
Personal Development Mastery PodcastApril 08, 2024
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#386 Living in alignment with our Dharma (higher purpose), with John Lawyer.

How can we transform our life's direction to align with our higher purpose and find true fulfillment beyond our conventional roles and experiences?


Life has a way of leading us through the most unexpected transitions, and for John Lawyer, a former military man, the pivot to spiritual enlightenment opened a new chapter that's nothing short of remarkable. In today's discussion, John shares the intimate details of his burnout and the spontaneous epiphany that illuminated his path to becoming a spiritual guide within the Kishar community. His experience reminds us that aligning with our dharma - our authentic life mission - can profoundly transform the mundane into the extraordinary, deepen our relationships and foster a sense of true purpose.


Discover the importance of stepping away from the noise of everyday life to find your true calling, as well as insights into the art of living a life in alignment with one's higher purpose. John's story is a testament to the ongoing process of self-mastery and the creation of a meaningful existence, proving that significant change is the product of consistent, purposeful action rather than a single moment of transformation.


To conclude the episode, we look at the practical tools that invite a stronger connection with our spiritual selves - meditation, journaling, affirmations and the introspective practice of mirror work. These activities not only enhance our daily routines, but also our broader understanding of our place in the universe.


Join us for an episode that will resonate with those who long to explore the spiritual depths of their own lives.



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0:01:31 - From Military to Spiritual Awakening

0:08:05 - Discovering Your Higher Purpose 

0:10:49 - Finding Higher Purpose in Daily Life

0:14:32 - Honouring Higher Purpose Daily

0:17:22 - Breaking Free From Societal Expectations

0:18:11 - Stepping Out of the Matrix

0:20:57 - Kisar 

0:24:39 - Spiritual Self-Discovery Through Daily Habits

0:28:25 - Personal Development and Self-Reflection 



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"Keep being kind and follow your natural, universal intuition."


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Kishar spiritual community: https://kishar.org/



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1. Discover how to navigate life's transitions and align with your dharma: Explore the transformative journey of John Lawyer, who transitioned from military service to spiritual guidance. Understand the importance of aligning with your authentic life mission, or dharma, and how this alignment can lead to a profound transformation in all areas of your life.


2. Master the art of integrating spirituality into daily routines: This episode delves into practical tools like meditation, journaling, affirmations, and mirror work that can foster a stronger connection with your spiritual self. Learn how incorporating these practices into your daily life can enhance not only your personal growth but also your broader understanding of your place in the universe.


3. Learn how to step out of the societal matrix and find your true purpose: The conversation with John Lawyer offers insights into the significance of stepping out of an unconscious life and into a more colorful and diverse experience. Discover the power of awareness and intention in living authentically and the steps you can take to disconnect from societal expectations and live a life that is truly aligned with your individual journey and higher purpose.


This podcast episode delves into the transformative journey of John Lawyer, a former soldier who transitioned from military service to spiritual enlightenment, providing a narrative that may resonate with listeners experiencing a sense of burnout or seeking a deeper purpose in life. Many individuals today grapple with the pressures of a fast-paced society, leading to a yearning for meaning beyond the daily grind. John's story of finding his dharma echoes a common desire to align one's life with a sense of authentic mission, something that many strive for but often struggle to achieve.


The discussion on integrating spiritual practices like meditation, journaling, and affirmations into daily routines offers practical solutions for those looking to foster inner peace and self-awareness. This episode's emphasis on the incremental building of purpose-driven actions may inspire listeners who feel overwhelmed by the prospect of significant life changes, reassuring them that meaningful transformation can occur through consistent, small steps.


Moreover, John's insight into the serenity of the Kishar community touches upon the collective aspect of personal growth, suggesting that individual evolution can be supported within a nurturing group environment. This concept may appeal to readers who feel isolated in their quest for self-improvement and are searching for a community where personal truths can thrive.


Ultimately, the episode addresses the universal quest for deeper fulfillment and offers encouragement and strategies for those eager to explore the spiritual depths of their own lives, promoting a message of self-compassion and the importance of slowing down to truly connect with oneself.