#399 Special series: Would you like to have more confidence? (part 2)
Personal Development Mastery PodcastMay 23, 2024
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#399 Special series: Would you like to have more confidence? (part 2)

Have you ever thought "I'd like to have more confidence?"

We dive into the second part of our special four-week series on confidence. Moving from theory to practice, this episode explores three practical techniques to boost your self-confidence. Learn how stepping out of your comfort zone, utilising visualisation, and leveraging your body language can transform your confidence levels. Discover actionable insights and simple, yet powerful strategies to enhance your confidence in everyday situations.

Tune in and take a step towards a more confident you!


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01:18 - Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone: Embrace the Challenge

02:14 - The Power of Visualization: Imagine and Achieve Confidence

03:12 - Mastering Body Language: Boosting Confidence Through Physiology

05:00 - Walking into the Room: Projecting Confidence to Others

07:01 - Taking Action: Implementing Techniques for Lasting Confidence


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"Visualise the confident version of yourselfβ€”what you look like, feel like, behave like, and speak like. The more you create that internal belief, the more you tap into your potential."


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