#402 Your body is talking - are you listening? Harness your emotional energy to unlock physical health and vitality, with Evette Rose.
Personal Development Mastery PodcastJune 03, 2024
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#402 Your body is talking - are you listening? Harness your emotional energy to unlock physical health and vitality, with Evette Rose.

Have you ever considered that the aches and pains you're feeling might be whispers from your emotions, trying to get your attention? This episode welcomes Evette Rose, a counsellor and trauma release expert who takes us on a journey into the world of psychosomatic healing. She reveals the intricate links between emotional distress and physical symptoms, from the tension headache that lurks after a stressful day to the back pain that could simply be carrying the weight of unresolved conflict.

Evette doesn't just stop at identifying the problem; she delves into the vibrational impact our feelings have on our health. Imagine anger and guilt, not just as fleeting emotions, but as frequencies capable of throwing our body's harmony out of balance. As we navigate through the energy of emotions, Evette teaches us to tune into our emotional GPS, guiding us through life's turbulence and pointing us towards intuition and healing. 

In the final part of our conversation, Evette shares personal anecdotes and strategies for fostering a positive mindset and confronting the universal beast of self-doubt. She reminds us of the importance of seeing our body as an ally - a cheerleader, cheering us on through every ache and pain. With this episode, you're not just listening to another health podcast; you're embarking on a deeper understanding of how to interpret your body's messages and use them as stepping stones to a healthier, more connected life.


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04:13 - Understanding Psychosomatic Effects of Emotions 

11:37 - The Power of Emotions and Energy

12:22 - The Power of Negative Energy Fields

16:06 - Emotional Impact of Gallbladder Removal

21:10 - Listening to Your Body's Intuition

27:36 - Unlocking Intuition Through Emotions 

33:36 - Promoting Health and Wellbeing 

36:29 - DNA Lineage and Emotional Healing

37:47 - Observing Patterns in Ancestry

49:15 - Listening to Your Body's Messages


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"I do this with myself on a regular basis, especially when I have a bad day, when my confidence flies out the window a little bit. I keep telling myself - you made it and you're going to keep making it."


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