#403 Special series: Would you like to have more confidence? (part 4)
Personal Development Mastery PodcastJune 06, 2024
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#403 Special series: Would you like to have more confidence? (part 4)

Have you ever thought "I'd like to have more confidence?"

We dive into the last part of our special four-week series on confidence, and my intention is to offer a comprehensive and motivational wrap-up.

I summarise the key points that we discussed over the previous three weeks, I offer some more practical tips or additional strategies for building confidence, and finally, I call you to action.

Thank you for joining me in this series. If you found this valuable, please share it with a person that you think will benefit from it.


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01:20 - summarising the main takeaways from the previous 3 episodes

01:54 - three practical techniques to increase your confidence

04:40 - confidence is a journey

05:37 - two quick effective strategies for building confidence

07:19 - conclusion


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"As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live."


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