Reclaim your sexual power and expand your capacity for joy through pleasure!
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Reclaim your sexual power and expand your capacity for joy through pleasure!

#370 How to reclaim your sexual power and expand your capacity for joy through pleasure, with Dr Fanny Leboulanger.

Listen in as Dr. Fanny Leboulanger, a former family doctor turned sex coach, joins us to share her enlightening journey from gynaecology to the realms of self-love and sexual empowerment. We peel back the layers of pleasure and examine the societal misconceptions that have long obscured the simplicity and necessity of orgasms. Dr Fanny opens up about her own self-discovery and the life-changing insights that led her to champion the cause of sexual healing. She passionately argues that embracing our sexual nature and dismantling ingrained cultural denials of pleasure can pave the way to happiness and success.

We also explore the intricate relationship between pleasure and fulfilment, and how embracing our senses can enrich our sexual experiences and overall life satisfaction. Dr Fanny and I explore the importance of mind-body integration, the potential of 'feeling it to heal it' and the transformative power of reframing the stories we tell ourselves about our emotions. From aromatic essential oils to the indulgent taste of chocolate, we discuss practical ways to awaken the senses and how these acts can be a starting point for a journey towards more mindful and satisfying sexual encounters. Join us for a thought-provoking session that may just change the way you look at pleasure and its role in creating a life full of joy and satisfaction.

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0:02:41 - From Doctor to Sex Coach
0:07:09 - Exploring Pleasure and Overcoming Misconceptions
0:13:21 - Ancient Tantra and Modern Medicine Combination
0:15:38 - The Connection Between Pleasure and Fulfillment
0:23:02 - The Power of Reframing Emotions
0:31:49 - Senses for Better Sex
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"You're normal, stop wondering if there's something wrong with you. You're normal."
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Are you denying yourself pleasure and fulfillment by believing misconceptions about sexuality? Tune in to this episode to learn how reconnecting with your senses and expanding your capacity for joy can help you overcome limiting beliefs and start living a more empowered life.

If you feel disconnected from your body and sexuality or lack fulfillment in your life, you are not alone. Many of us have been conditioned by society and past experiences to deny our natural capacity for pleasure. In this episode, you will learn how embracing pleasure and reclaiming your sexual empowerment can help you overcome feelings of numbness, stress or lack of joy. Funny Leboulanger shares practical tools to start exploring your senses and expand your tolerance for difficult emotions. By taking small steps to reconnect with what truly makes you feel alive, you can begin healing past wounds and start creating the fulfilling life you desire.

1. Learn how pleasure is part of our human nature and how denying it can negatively impact our lives.

2. Discover simple practices to begin exploring one's sexuality and reconnecting with one's senses.

3. Understand how expanding one's capacity for pleasure can help handle difficult emotions better and live a more fulfilling life.

Play this episode to gain insights on how embracing your natural capacity for pleasure through small daily practices can help you start healing past wounds and living a more empowered, joyful life.

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